Photobooth Props

Vintage photobooth hire from Suffolk

We’ve all seen it before. Brightly coloured wigs, blow up guitars, tacky green-screen backgrounds. Well this is different. This is unique. Everything is hand sourced. Everything is hand built. Everything is imagined. This is about experience. This is about aesthetics. This is about helping you to create the event you want.

Vintage Bellows Camera Photobooth
Canonet Camera chalk and teacup
Vintage lamp shade

If you’re planning a wedding or other event which you want to have that unique touch then we are the photobooth for you. Not only will we add to the whole feel of your event, but your guests will love it too!

But don’t take our word for it…

Check this out!

This is totally unique, handmade, handcrafted,
for your totally unique events!


2 hour photobooth runtime
Loads of vintage props and costume
Unlimited 6″ x 4″ prints
Photobooth attendant for duration
Set-up 2 hours in advance
USB stick of photos at the end of the night


Extra hour photobooth runtime
Beautiful, handmade leather guestbook with extra prints.
You choose the fabric we'll make the backdrop!
Early setup fee for every two hours


Make it personal...

Frequently Asked Questions...

So how does the booth work?

Well you get dressed up, check yourself in the mirror on the dressing table, enter the booth (once it’s free), make your pose, press the foot pedal, snap goes the camera (probably take a few more, that’s how guests normally roll!), go outside and wait for your print(s) to slide out into the dish. Bob’s your uncle! (He might even be in the photo…)

How many people can I get in the booth?

Err how long’s a piece of string? We don’t enforce any strict limits! Realistically 8 is probably the max to get in shot, but there’s certainly been more…

Can you see what you look like when you’re posing?

We don’t much like all the screens and obvious digital tech of most photobooths, we wanted to create something more vintage (can you tell?!), so no, there is no ‘live view’. In our experience, however, this is no bad thing, you’ll notice in our photos people are actually looking at the lens, not the screen!

Can I customise the backdrop?

For sure, if you want to choose a different fabric backdrop we’ll knock it up for an extra £50… as long as you’re not going for silk velvet or leopard fur or something. If you have something you want to use already (a nice wall for example, or something with your corporate logo on) then that would be very possible as well, we are well customisable, get in touch and we can chat about it.

Can I have colour or black and white prints?

Definitely. Tell us what you’d prefer before the event and we’ll make it happen!

Can I choose to have branding on my prints?

If you want branding on your prints then we can do that. Send us your logo / info you want on the print and we’ll create your vision!

Do we get unlimited prints?

Yep you get unlimited prints.

Can we supply our own props?

You certainly can, if you have some special props you want to add then please bring them along. We’ll make sure you get them back at the end of the night.

How does the guestbook work?

Having a guestbook at your event is a great way to remember your guests, we encourage guests to take a couple of shots, one for themselves and one for the album, they then stick them in and write a short note.

We use plain brown, leather covered albums, handmade in India. They are beautifully simple and rustic at the same time. If you love our style then you’ll love these books.

And before you ask, yes we provide the pens and sticky things to stick the pictures in the albums!

How long does setup take?

We always allow two hours for setup, it probably only takes us about an hour but this allows for any unexpected events or difficulties due to location / venue irregularities.

Can you set up early?

Sometimes you may need us to set up before the event begins, we can set up early, we charge £25 an hour idle time (not including setup time).

Can the booth be used in marquees or outdoors?

Well… yes it certainly can be used in marquees or yurts or anything with a reasonably overlapping roof. Can it be used outdoors? It can but we need to be absolutely 100% sure it’s not going to rain! We have some lovely, delicate, complex electrics going on inside those wooden boxes… But, we can work outside, we have before, however, any chance of a shower is a definite no no!

Who owns the pictures and copyright from each event?

We will always own the copyright to every image, however, our contract allows for you to use, share and print the images for your own personal use. If you want to use them for commercial use (i.e. to advertise yourselves for commercial gain) or for editorial (i.e. to promote an event in a newspaper or magazine article) please get in touch, we can always work something out.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes please! The deposit is 50% of the total fee. Once we have sent you a quote for your event all you need to do is pay the deposit and sign the contract and everything is then booked.

How much do you charge for travel?

There is no charge for travel within 70 miles of the fine city of Norwich. After that we charge 50p per mile. But we will travel anywhere, always exciting to get about and see the country!

How big is the photobooth?

Well we need about 2m x 3m to fit in comfortably. We could probably get into a smaller space but it’s good not to be too cramped. We can have quite a lot of activity around the booth at busy times so it’s better to have space for people to mill about.

Do you stay with the photo booth?

Oh yes, our attendant stays with the booth from setup until packdown, they will be constantly on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and that your guests have the most amazing experience!

Want to know more? Just ask!

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact now, let's check dates and make this happen!